How do I get all of the skills?

Question by Inquisitive One: How do I get all of the skills?
I’ve always noticed that many jobs require certain skills (and knowledge of software) that I am not familiar with and have never even been exposed to. The ones I’ve recently noted were BPI and Six Sigma, ITIL, etc… Of course these are related to that particular job but over my time job searching, I’ve seen this often. I already have several skills but they are either outdated or don’t really seem like a factor when applying for jobs. I am in school but I’d like to get more trained skills under my belt so that my opportunities can increase and I can have more understanding in whatever career I pursue.

I’m wondering how can you get a list of popular, useful skills (both common and advanced) that employers look for in candidates? Also where can I find training on these skills? I am doing my own research but would really appreciate a direction to go in.
Though, I wouldn’t turn down training on physical-labor(industrial-type, hands on), I’m looking more for business related skills, project management, things dealing in paperwork–brainwork.

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Answer by Nancy Liu
Different jobs require different skills, and it will vary from industry and from domain to domain so to specifically get a good list it would be good if you could have mentioned the industry.

It is not clear that one should have a specific domain knowledge (subject matter expert) and related skills, advance knowledge or diverse knowledge, so until your job search ends that satisfies you, the job you enjoy and that let you improve your skills further, and that actually help the company grow along with your skills.

Every employer looks for a specific set of skills from job-seekers that match the skills necessary to perform a particular job successfully. More than a cover letter and descriptive objective an employer sees your years of experience and expertise that would fulfill an employer needs.

You can find detail list of skills here:

Some most basic and common skills are:

You should be presentable that means you should be able to convey what is required;
personality matters;
effective communication skills is very important;
team collaboration;
technical skills like project management, CSS, XHTML, Java, budgeting issues, requirements management, bugs tracking, should be aware of latest technological updates; certification is an added advantage, estimating project cost, funding proposal;
managerial skills like lean building, managing expectations and communication are the most important skills, team collaboration, financial reporting;
Analytical/Research Skills;
Interpersonal and leadership management skills
Multicultural Sensitivity and awareness;
planning and organizing
Dedication/Hard-Working/Work Ethic/Tenacity
Positive Attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion
loyalty, Self-Motivated, self-confidence

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