How To Get A Project Management Certification

How To Get A Project Management Certification

Article by John Adam

In case you are interested in pursuing a career in business and management, you need to spend ample time studying how to handle different tasks. That’s the reason why you need to go for higher degrees and complete certifications to secure a nice job. Luckily, you can get started just by getting a project management certification.

What is project management certification? This is one of the most frequently asked questions these days. It is basically a certificate obtained by individuals called as “project management professionals” (PMP). These individuals guide and escort the project teams. This particular certification has a significant demand and is well-known worldwide.

A Proof of Competence for the Project Manager:

This certificate shows that the project manager has a wide range of skills, familiarity and knowledge of the subject. This certificate also demonstrates his competence to accomplish the projects due to the presence of all the necessary skills. These individuals are capable of providing the professionalism required to get the effective project outcomes. At this time, almost 400,000 people worldwide have this particular certification.

Overall Process:

The project management certification requires three to five months for its completion. You have to accomplish this online. The initial step for this certification is registration for the program.

After this step, you have to study by the utilization of resources and study notes together with the relevant books. Then the students have to pass the multiple choice and written examination.

There are 200 multiple choice questions on six different topics. For getting certification, individuals have to attain at least 70 percent marks in the examination. The next step is to acquire 35 hours of training relevant to project management, and also have to obtain an experience of at least 5 years in the relevant field.

Online Programs:

It is also possible to complete project management certification through numerous online programs. The lessons in these programs are delivered normally through screen capture tutorials, audio programs, workbooks and video lectures.

Podcasts, exam simulations and printable materials are also given to the individuals. Some individuals also serve as advisors for the sake of your assistance. These individuals are qualified project management professionals.

Tips for Training:

There are also numerous tips as well to assist you to effectively accomplish your training. You have to devise a schedule and then adhere to that particular schedule. Also seek guidance from numerous resources like audio, videos, and books. By doing so, you will be able to observe the things from various angles.

Several Other Areas of Knowledge:

After getting the answer to the question that what is project management certification, the next thing to get aware of are the topics discussed in project management certification. One of the most important topics is the project integration management.

Other areas of study include project scope management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management, project quality management and project human resource management. Individuals will have to become expert in all of these areas as well.

If you are interested on more information, please visit the following website: what is project management certification.

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