Is a student in favor of a class project management?

trueblue88 question : Is it an advantage for a student class project management I do not really have a career all at this stage, but the management of project is a good skill to have, or is it a waste of time and money for the class? Best answer:

Answer by William C

I go for it. If you ever worked for a large corp. you will always be involved in projects and benifit you to have an understanding of what is happening. Who does what. Good class to take. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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2 Comments to “Is a student in favor of a class project management?”

  1. Jeffrey B says:

    I think a college student could benefit from a project management class. I often have young college grads with one or two degrees come up and say to me they wish they had had this course in college. The one comment I say to them is that often in the academic world some of what we teach may not be as practical because everything is expected to be perfect in the academic world and in the real world, that just isn’t the case. The people skills needed for project leadership are very diverse. And the world of managing people is gray, not black and white. So it helps to have some real world experience when learning these skills. Just my thoughts and experience from conducting workshops and doing project management for many years! See Good Luck!

  2. Moderation in all things says:

    Please listen to William and Jeff.

    Can’t take over the world without knowledge.

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