Fast Track Project Management Success w/ #Office365 Microsoft Project Online

Fast Track Project Management Success w/ #Office365 Microsoft Project Online

Presented at PMI Washington DC February 27, 2013 Learn how you can quickly deliver project management success with Microsoft Project Online http://microsoft….
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Earned Value Management and Microsoft Project 2010

A tutorial on Earned Value Management and how to work with it in Microsoft Project 2010 by Simon Hoare **N.B.: Best watched in HD and full screen.** 00:00 In…
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29 Comments to “Fast Track Project Management Success w/ #Office365 Microsoft Project Online”

  1. seelochnie moonessar says:

    seelochnie persud

  2. Sathvik Vasam says:

    Solid vid, thanks! How are you able to switch so easily between Mac and
    Windows? Dualboot?

  3. Juan Carlos Escalante says:

    Good stuff!

  4. meetdux says:

    VMWare Fusion

  5. Roger Swaby says:

    An excellent video on Earned Value calculations and how they can be put to
    use in a simplistic, real life situation. Thank you Simon.

  6. Scott Hunt says:

    Any ideas why my Project wouldn’t be factoring in fixed costs in the EV
    calculation? E.g. I have a task order software with a fixed cost of $30000,
    the task is 100% complete but the ACWP only shows the labour component of
    the task and not the additional fixed cost. EAC/BAC are reading correct

  7. Rajdeep Mondal says:

    Great presentation (except for one formula glitch at 13:45 for SV%)

  8. Arango Luis says:

    Very good explanation.

  9. Saeed Soltani Motlagh says:

    I Found this clip very useful. It is a guide how to calculate earned Value
    Management in Microsoft Project 2010

  10. Lino César says:

    Excelente! muito obrigado.

  11. Sharon Robert says:

    Wonderful video, very well paced..nicely done, Easy to follow and
    understand. Thank you again for sharing! God Bless!

  12. justin welman says:

    Thank you Sir! Very well explained and easy to follow!!

  13. agandhe says:

    Excellent. Initial animation was little irritating but main content is
    superb. Thank you.

  14. Saeed Soltani Motlagh says:

    Great Video to learn EVM in MSP 2010

  15. Debra Wolf says:

    Thanks so much for the detailed walk thru! I am now equipped to introduce
    the company I work for to using Earned Value using MS Project 2010! Very
    much appreciated :)

  16. Tim Anderson says:

    Thank you :-)

  17. Franklin Vaugn says:

    4:14. This is not what Schedule Variance is. SV is earned value (BCWP)
    minus scheduled value (BCWS). What you have shown on this slide for SV is
    (BCWS – ACWP) which isn’t even used in EVM.

  18. Abdelrahman Nabil says:

    Great Vedio I was looking to see EVM from theroritacl to MS project , and
    the great things its calulated with no effort reuired by MS project 😀

  19. Uma C says:

    Thankyou for the video, it really helped with the EVM concepts and how to
    use it.

  20. prasad. Kalasha says:


  21. lopiipol says:

    Thanks a lot. Very useful video.

  22. Eshor Lawal says:

    Best video tutorial ever watched..Thank you Simon…I am subscribing right

  23. andrei tapescu says:

    I cannot express how much I appreciate this video! I am truly grateful for
    the work you have put in those theoretical and practical examples. Not only
    you have explained the basic steps of the EVM in MS Project, but you have
    managed to get me understanding the theoretical principles behind the EVM,
    with the help of that nice, bedtime story. Thank you for the tutorial!

  24. Avinash Uttarwar says:

    This is excellent video. I really appreciate all efforts by Simon. Example
    and explanation was really good and easy to understand. Got very good
    understanding of using MS Project for EVM. Thanks a lot !!!

  25. Josephe Amirm says:

    great video! Thanks a lot!

  26. Hexa End says:

    thanks simon.

  27. Bhadri Vakacherla says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful explanation… hope to see many more such
    useful videos of ms project… it helps to learn on our own

  28. Tushar Koley says:

    Very Nice Video, Thanks a lot for sharing

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