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http://www.msproject2010primer.com – Get my brand-new Microsoft Project 2010 Primer plus PRINCE2 Template files and download my FREE PDF plus 20 tips for sch…

Primavera P6 course – 1.1 introduction of project management The course outline: http://www.grook.net/primavera-p6 Project management is “the application of …
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50 Comments to “Learn Microsoft Project In 16 minutes Flat http://www.msproject2010primer.com”

  1. Kulandaivel Palani says:

    Excellent short tutorial covers over all MPP tool. I enjoyed it.

  2. Michael Temby says:

    I believe your material cost for the cable should have been entered as a
    rate based cost i.e. Std. Rate = $350 not as a Cost/Use.
    Note that it did not multiply the cost by 3 even though you selected 3
    during resource scheduling. Cost/Use will apply the cost each time the
    resource is used irrespective of the number of units used.

  3. karnkraftverk says:

    Great tutorial! I understood it all!

  4. Oliver Fjellvang says:

    Great Video – but maybe you should delete the Utorrent short cut next

  5. GingerJoker117 says:

    hi jon

  6. Denis Backer says:

    Very well done. Time very well spent!

  7. Lori McKenzie says:

    I am a student learning this for 5 weeks, hopefully I can grasp it. Thanks
    for the informative video. 

  8. Eduardo Guadalupe says:

    thank you very much ! it is simple and very helpful !

  9. Dwayne Ferguson says:

    Thank you for your help, very much appreciated

  10. marekmaxpabianice says:

    awesome, thx

  11. Avish BHINKAH says:

    Amazingly explained…Thanks :D

  12. Narendra Mistry says:

    Absolutely fantastic coverage, concise, clear and real life like
    demonstration, certainly takes the fear out of first time approach to this
    Project Planning exercise. Many thanks really found it extremely useful.

  13. Benjamin Woolley says:

    Fantastic! incredibly helpful, thanks!

  14. Javier Fernández says:

    Dave, thank you for being so clear in your explanations, this video was
    very helpful.

  15. Jagan Vemula says:

    Greetings Dave,,, Great lecture in quick time. It is very useful…..

  16. Jerry Garces says:

    I just love it, it is so clear presentation and guidance 

  17. Prabhat Shukla says:

    Excellent Video

  18. Syed Iqbal Ahmed says:

    Dave, u did not address Michael’s comment…btw is this supposed 2b better
    than Primavera P6 ??

  19. Piotr S says:

    Best available tutorial. Thanks!

  20. Ishan Mindika says:

    Very Useful. Thanks a lot. You are a great teacher!

  21. nahsayer says:

    very good vedio

  22. Allen Alahari says:

    Hi Dave, Thank you for the explicit and informative training video on
    Microsoft Project.

  23. Dipak Panchal says:

    Great and very helpful.. Thanks..

  24. Quân Đặng says:

    we’ll have a dick lol..
    that said, great review Dave!

  25. Mohammed Musheeruddin says:

    very good for learning thanks for your working video 

  26. pastor ola Olagesin says:

    guys be fair, this guy was helful, ppl have to watch their mouths

  27. Praveer Srivastava says:

    I expected the video shall explain about Primavera P6 (Oracle based
    product), however, to my surprise, video is about introduction to Project
    Management !!!

  28. Matt Teahan says:

    Was it just me…or did everyone also get a ‘Poo–Pourie’ advertisement
    before the start of the video? 

  29. Sujatha Kamala says:

    u speak like a Flight Captain..

  30. John Troutman says:

    Nice Video

  31. Process Street says:

    boring voice, boring software

  32. Milad Alenasser says:

    Very good 

  33. Tatiane Soares says:

    Obrigada !!! Muito bom seus videos :)

  34. rungano chakawa says:

    Fantastic video. Thank you very, very, very much. 

  35. Michael Blanton says:

    I agree with Robert C Campbell that Presenter’s voice tone was really
    impressive and catchy! For beginners this information is going to be really
    magnificent!If audience wanted to know more about project management then
    they can visit this site “http://projecttemplates.net/”)

  36. Robert C Campbell says:

    Very good basic information about project management and program
    management, and explained very good, too in the videos. Presenter’s voice
    and tone during presentation was what I want to hear when learning the
    subject matter.

  37. James Nakasone Huang says:

    Primavera P6 – 1.1 Intro to Project Management

  38. jcallesano says:

    This has nothing to do with P6.

  39. Mikel526 says:

    you know…

  40. Clyde Rodriguez says:

    He used p6 to explain intro to pm
    ya dummy lol

  41. Pamela Mitchell says:

    Very good video for the beginners. Being an expert i would like to
    recommend beginners to try for projecttemplates. net to get more helpful
    stuff on project management. 

  42. Me Ann Pineda says:

    The English text just confuses the viewer! It does not serve its purpose…
    if understanding is a purpose.

  43. SuperNickvid says:

    great video for beginners like myself

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