Lecture – 16 Project Monitoring and Control with PERT/Cost

Lecture series on Project and Production Management by Prof. Arun kanda, Department of Mechanical Engineering. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in.

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25 Comments to “Lecture – 16 Project Monitoring and Control with PERT/Cost”

  1. 00AJITHM says:

    Dear Professor – Excellent! Very impressive teaching style. And Thank You.

  2. Shakeel Anwar Bhatti says:


  3. CJ .Comac says:

    Thanks! You have helped me to understand C/SCSC

  4. Jessica A says:

    These are fantastic videos. Thanks

  5. Sreenath Padmanabhan says:

    very good
    thanks , keep the good work sir

  6. Rama Prasad says:

    thank you so much for the video. it was of great help indeed i could write
    for my exam… !

  7. riya sharma says:

    Very Well Done Prof. I am an Indian, studying in a university in
    netherlands. Finds it lots more effective in doing my project management
    course..Thanks a lot… Keep going with this good work of helping students..

  8. pubepoc says:

    Thanks Indian Istitute to share this professional work with the rest of the
    world. Thanks Professor good job. When the knowledge is shared on a free
    manner it becomes into a world goods. Good job.

  9. Anuj Agrawal says:

    Well explained. Thanks a lot for posting it. Pls keep it up this good work.
    You don’t know even how your good work is spreading across the world and
    you are helping so many people to full fill there dreams.

  10. Arun R says:

    thank you …………..for this great vid….

  11. SLAP Company says:

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    for others. How has your manager contributed to your success? slapCompany

  12. Eric E. says:

    you guys are great, thank you very much for sharing

  13. Sh Ikm says:

    thank you sir, you have explained the PERT/Cost concept in great detail by
    using very easy going approach

  14. engr123 says:

    Prof. Arun Kanda is very clear and effective in presenting this topic. I
    appreciate IIT for making this great effort of presenting this video that
    will benefit the whole world.

  15. shiryu008 says:

    Great job and very well explained. bravo Prof.

  16. Ares Alex says:

    Wonderful professor.

  17. JoshNMT says:

    He was my professor at the last semester..very chill & cool..always in a
    humorous mood to cheer you up.. yet luxuriant with knowledge and
    experience! Thank you so much sir for sharing this information.

  18. narendra singh says:

    Good lecture

  19. Hazel Pinto says:

    Hey i am an engineering student from Mumbai University.I found your videos
    on AOA,AON,PERT,CPM extremely helpful in preparing for my 8th sem exams on
    Project Management.Thnks a lot Sir.Keep the Good Work.

  20. ankit gupta says:

    Excellent Prof .

  21. Jamaibi Numbere says:

    wonderful lecture but the video went off along the line

  22. zakkanthod says:

    Thank you for the perfect lecture

  23. Rajeev Jarial says:


  24. Srinivas . Gollapati says:

    Thanks alot sir.It is very helpful to us to understand.Clear explanation
    and problem solving.

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