Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorial 1 of 3

Microsoft Project is an excellent tool for Project and Program Management. This video is first of the three video series to familiarize you with Microsoft Pr…
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25 Comments to “Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorial 1 of 3”

  1. Shahril Mokhtar says:

    Indian Accent?

  2. OSP FL says:

    I want to thank you for this I am using this is a resource for my Project
    Management class for my masters program. I didn’t know how to use this
    program at all and thanks for you posting this I know how to use the
    program and I can write a better paper. For class: PM610-1402B-02 Project
    Planning, Execution and Closure. Thanks for this fantastic.

  3. Roy Adeduwon says:


  4. Aneesh Anand says:

    the instructor sound is horrible !

  5. Shanthamurthy Hanumantharayappa says:

    Very useful! short and informative.

  6. heba tareq says:

    i cant listen to this

  7. XL Project Planning says:

    Great tutorial!!. I also recommend my tool. XL Project planning, which is a
    plug-in for Excel that turns your MS. Excel into a powerful Project
    planning tool!!

  8. Raimund Mueller says:

    Very useful! short and informative.

  9. EdgarTFriendly says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve got a job interview coming up and this is really

  10. David Maynard says:

    Thanks for this tutorial.

  11. Alex Fonseca says:

    Very informative. Thank you!

  12. 37712 says:

    bull shit Microsoft has never made any intuitive software ever! their
    windows 8 which was supposed to be more intuitive is a death trap for new
    and previous users.

  13. stijnweegberg1983 says:

    thank you for this video

  14. jeecreative says:

    anyone heard if MS Project will be released for Mac?

  15. Sam Bam says:

    I love this Tutorial.What is your advice for beginners to start using the
    MS project and feeling comfortable and competent dealing with it?Thanks!

  16. Arthur Kittleson says:

    one of the best tutorials. thanks.

  17. kleemann becki says:

    I really need this. Thanks.

  18. Scott Benjamin says:

    thank you for your help

  19. assabish says:

    Thank you!

  20. nstetzer laine says:

    Great tutorial. 🙂

  21. rishkorn lien says:

    I want to learn more!!

  22. C James says:

    LOVED this, very clear and well demonstrated.

  23. Inferno Touch says:

    Thank you for this very useful series of videos.

  24. Robert Dearing says:

    amazing. thanks for the tutorial.

  25. tschmoll jessia says:

    This is so easy.

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