Project Management in 60 funny seconds Project Management in 60 seconds (or a little more) – Part 1
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12 Comments to “Project Management in 60 funny seconds”

  1. ghoulgirlz says:

    ha. funny.´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. Ghostrade2010 says:

    Great video and very funny.. I appreciate this approach to training. I am´╗┐ tyhowardthepmcoach(com). I invite you to join ghostrade(com) a new generation commerce portal founded by PMI Award Winning Ty Howard, PMP (and CIO Magazine’s Leaders to watch).
    I invite you to join ghostrade to witness the fruits of labor in regards to PM work and strategic planning.

  3. jguillermop says:

    super cool!´╗┐

  4. mspaclady says:

    funny and too true!!!!´╗┐

  5. dtraindoes says:

    Nice video. I really´╗┐ like the perspective you come from in your media. Thank you!

  6. coolwtwu says:

    lol you know´╗┐ its sims 2 xD

  7. f18nfz says:

    well made :)´╗┐

  8. richardmullins44 says:

    I have always ridiculed books such as “the 60 minute CEO”. But your little video is very good,´╗┐ I think. And in less than 90 seconds.

  9. divainhotpink says:

    I love how you manipulated´╗┐ the characters, was that the SIMS? The grim reaper gave it away. Awesome creativity for this purpose

  10. emailmepeter says:

    may i know wat software d´╗┐ u use?

  11. cathshadow says:

    Well´╗┐ Done!

  12. mcodude says:

    As a PMP I find this interesting and very well done, I like´╗┐ this. Nice use of animation..

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