Project Management: Listen, Learn, Lead

David Oshlag, MBA’88, leads a discussion on how to increase productivity and efficiency, lower stress, and add dollars to the bottom line. Oshlag argues that the value of successfully leading…
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Lecture Series on Software Engineering by Prof.N.L. Sarda, Prof. Umesh Bellur,Prof.R.K.Joshi and Prof.Shashi Kelkar, Department of Computer Science & Engineering ,IIT Bombay . For more details…

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24 Comments to “Project Management: Listen, Learn, Lead”

  1. trippah . says:

    How do you define “Project”?

  2. Nadege Chandon says:

    Thanks David for such a great learning tool – it’s greatly appreciated!
    Wanted to ask if it’s possible to get the Slides to use the templates. 

  3. King Hensley says:

    can this ppt be found online?

  4. Yesha Bhatt says:

    i really enjoyed learning project management….thank you for sharing this
    video..Regards, yesha

  5. Abay Asrat says:

    really really I very enjoyed learning project management.I went to say

  6. Jonesy TJonesy says:

    To me, the value of project management is the reduction of risk in the
    project delivery. Professionally managed projects stand a better chance of
    coming in on time and on budget. The definition of saving time x Hourly
    rate wouldn’t work unless staff were sent home and were unpaid for the
    saved time, which isn’t true in many workplaces.

  7. satya narayana says:

    Great Video! thanks for sharing!

    I was always stuck to comfort zone and could not move a inch towards any
    thing new!
    The result is that , I was paid less, was overweight also!
    But, my mother pushed me to
    1) listen to motivation videos
    2) track my issues using “risks” mobile app by lokesh

    by this, I am now a far better risk taker and the result is that I am
    having more energy

  8. SLAP Company says:

    The high quality of a company’s customer experience rarely has anything to
    do with the high price of their product. Our aim is true slapCompany.

  9. Chandan Acharya says:


  10. Chandan Acharya says:

    Thanks for the Lectures

  11. neena sachdev says:

    Thank you….I am in the US but taking advantage of your services at
    ITT…I like the new way of learning!

  12. Bibhu Dash says:

    Great one

  13. Sam Harris says:

    This is the reason why university folks should never get involved in real
    life projects

  14. ryujio85 says:

    good lecture

  15. Anuj Agrawal says:

    A good lecture to listen. Thx for post.

  16. renatoavatarian says:

    is this song really necessary?

  17. Vadodaria Chitranjan says:

    Mr. Kelkar should increase and show more stuff on the sheets besides he
    only speaking out every thing.

  18. Chandan Acharya says:

    Thanks for the Lectures

  19. RYENZRO says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Anand Bobade says:

    Good session.. Can be very effective and improved by adding more

  21. Pannir Selvam says:

    Very good coverage of the Subject and wonderful examples with good

  22. Thetrollmaster2000 says:


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