Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Video – PMBOK 4th edition

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PMP PMP with Video Saver career training you get over 13 hours of instruction of experts covering 26 lessons. This resource is a must for any professional project management.

, PMP Exam Preparation This course covers the Basic Principles 1-877-546-4446 of project management, project organization, and the life cycle of the project. In Project Management Professional (PMP ®) Exam Preparation Part 1 online training, you will learn in particular areas of project management knowledge management integration Project, Time Management and Scope Management Project. Every hour of learning equals one PDU and as a member GogoTraining your transcript Provides all the documentation you need to support the process. ————————————————– —————————— back to top Prerequisites You must have experience working in project management. ————————————————– —————————— Objective top Following the taking of this preparation for the PMP Exam, you must: • Be prepared to sit for the PMP ® certification exam • Optional complete what is Necessary to Obtain-approval and prepare for the exam • Learn the basics of project management • Define the Objectives, tools, techniques and processes of integration management • Define the Objectives, tools, techniques and processes for managing scope • Define the Objectives, tools, techniques and time management processes • PMP-style practice exam questions based on themes: Certification Project Management Professional (PMP ®) certification is one of the most highly respected Recognized and project management … Video Rating: 4/5

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13 Comments to “Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Video – PMBOK 4th edition”

  1. Masood Karrash says:

    plz can you sent me the video presentation

  2. Masood Karrash says:

    did they sent you the presentation,thanks

  3. sipho1957 says:

    How can I get these Videos?

  4. Simplilearn says:

    Hi CareerSaveer,
    I liked the video presentation.
    Which all lessons you cover in training
    for example, project time management, project cost management etc

  5. andrewsselvaraj says:

    Where are the next presentations…waiting for that

  6. rajgupta7627 says:

    PMP Delhi Aspirants should See KnowledgeWoods Website

  7. himo0o01 says:

    Where are the next sessions??

  8. famiims says:

    a very good and effective presentation

  9. jollygooddude says:

    Thanks this is a graet introduction, as I am new to PMP, it would have been nice if it were more complete and did not end abrubtly.

  10. Boldorex says:

    Very good presentation. It’s a pity the presentation didn’t finish and we don’t have next sessions… Thanks anyway!

  11. saiprasad0712 says:

    Where are the next sessions?????

  12. namitrs15 says:

    Very Nicely done presentations..

  13. natashaknapp6840 says:

    Great instructions, love the presentation style.

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