Project Management Quick Tips – Lesson 1

Project Management Quick Tips - Lesson 1

A Project Management Overview. Answers the question what is project management and how to apply it to your next project.

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25 Comments to “Project Management Quick Tips – Lesson 1”

  1. xxlt3xx says:

    ughh!!!! whistles when he speaks

  2. Simplilearn says:

    Nice Video Presentation!!

  3. ProjectManagerAli says:

    Very interesting video, Why not visit my site through my channel for all of your project management needs. (You can chat, download app, view latest pm news, project management jobs and read my blogs on project management)

  4. Diana1212913320 says:

    Perfect voice and diction

  5. watashiwafacebooker says:


  6. LadiesLoveSilver says:

    very concise, key points – like the definition of PM – am going to use some of your communication bites….thank you

  7. luistpuig says:

    Productivity is a result of Efficiency, and not energy efficiency like some are talking right now, but COMPLETE Efficiency…if you don’t know the Baselines of your business how can you improve it?…if your Equipment isn’t kept and operated properly how can you depend on it?…if your organization has no effective worker’s communication & training how can you get people to do the right things?…get it? Process, Equipment, Personnel, the core elements… get the Industrial Efficiency Triangle.

  8. sairaj1 says:

    need to be organized and a leader. did anyone get their pmp certification?

  9. TishreenAbuShehab says:

    your voice barely come out!

  10. kkaplan22 says:

    This is a very dry video…..

  11. Azlanpositivo says:

    I´m very interesting. How can i have an a certificate?. And What can i do whit the certificate in the work?

  12. knownbutunknown says:

    do you have a PMP Certificate?

  13. 1976tech says:

    True, but you also have 2 know the industry your in. I have no project experiance and I’m a new Project Manager, but I’m a ok communicator and I know the work.

  14. ednan9 says:

    you got that right

  15. alyssasaman says:

    best Asian women

  16. TheNighthawk00 says:

    Project management is all about one thing: common sense!

  17. chex501 says:

    thank you so much for this video, great lecturer.

  18. Ghostrade2010 says:

    Great training and I applaud the developer! Additionally, I would like to proudly say, real world project management works!

    I am PMI’s fourth ever winner of the Project Excellence Award aka tythepmcoach (com). I would like to form relationships with my fellow PMs on linkedin as well as have you become First Generation of Members of ghostrade(com) a social-network and commerce site developed by top notch PMs and developers.

  19. nickybasu123 says:

    Excellent video.
    Thanks so much

  20. tbointernational says:

    It’s really a well researched video.Thanks a lot.

  21. chinexcodo says:

    Great introductory tip into project management. Thanks!

  22. RicRicardo1 says:

    Excelent tips. Congratulations.

  23. SeveraPSA says:

    Good tips and presentation. Thanks!

  24. JackieEco says:

    Any tips for people with no team and who have a huge project they are doing alone?

  25. pmSoftwareBlog says:

    Cool video.
    I’ve got a hyperlink to the tool supporting project management methodologies, product based planning (product breakdown structure, product flow diagram), Gantt chart, risk management and other described in this video. The tool is called P2ware Planner Suite – go to p2ware com to see more. May be helpful 🙂

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