SharePoint Project Management Tutorial


div style =” float: left; margin: 5px; “>  SharePoint Project Management Tutorial Visit for multimedia (video podcast) training for the PMP examination. Study where you want When You want, and how you want with Prime Minister PrepCast

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7 Comments to “SharePoint Project Management Tutorial”

  1. SometimesAGreatNotio says:

    Thanks for the video. We created our IntelliGantt Add In for MS Project 2010 to address the following:

    Resource Name to SharePoint Member mapping
    Automatic Scheduling support
    All task dependencies supported
    Any special character in task name handled

    Finally, we have an IntelliGantt Web Part to presents a full hierarchy in SharePoint and also has a bevy of features.

  2. alejandrolenguav says:

    What version of Sharepoint is this video based on?

  3. alejandrolenguav says:

    What version of Sharepoint is this video based on?

  4. ph1sheR1 says:

    SharePoint 2010 – Business Connectivity Services Tutorial /watch?v=5TtT1MYxBFs

  5. danvonranger says:

    This is NOT a tutorial. Tutorials ‘show’ you what to do and explain the logic behind it. This is more like an advert for SharePoint. Maybe you should reconsider the title?

  6. alxdean says:

    very clever 🙂 Not the best video on how to use the project features in SharePoint but I get the point…

  7. lmsergio123 says:

    Thank you for a great overview

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