Software Project Management in 15 Minutes Part 1 It’s late Friday afternoon and you have just been told by your boss that you will be the project manager for a new software development project starting first thing on Monday morning. Congratulations! Now, if only you had taken this project management training… PART ONE.
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UPDATE: Please note this video is from 2009 and shows a much older version of the software. For the latest, please see Syllogistic Software presents the Software Project Management System. This is a brand new system focused on communication and collaboration, based on over a decade of experience in commercial software development. After many projects and thousands of tickets, using this system has helped us * Reduce management overhead time by 60-75% * Drastically reduce rework items * Greatly improve client communication and satisfaction For more information, please email us at
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15 Comments to “Software Project Management in 15 Minutes Part 1”


    Great video !!! Work Collaboration would be a good addition to it.

  2. 7daystoimsuccess says:

    Whoa! Tough accent to get. Makes it hard to follow but thanks for the vid.

  3. NYLinda04 says:

    I received my PMP Cert last month. This video is good however National Web Design is less expensive and helped me great with the exam

  4. ThaiTexan says:

    well done.. nice except a little accent you have lol…

  5. penpvdbs says:

    You have a dutch-english accent lol…
    tnx for vid though, working on a agile development project

  6. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    Cheers man 😛

  7. Tgillin says:

    it makes sense, real world PM is people wrangling not “who can make the best looking project model”

  8. ragyfish says:

    Nothing too technical. Im a headhunter and half my job is pro mang believe you me, Software e.g. Ms project or visio can waste too much time

  9. vipinkpaul says:

    A good start!

  10. lilanoangel says:


  11. a2amali says:

    Project Management In a nutshell.. yep its that.

  12. craigwbrown says:

    love your work

  13. twistedtubes says:

    i like the accent, makes it more interesting, a change from the usual american accent on most tutorials.

  14. TommyInVancouver says:

    Top notch video.Thank you.

  15. codeme says:

    Cheers man

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