Top 12 project management interview questions and answers

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8 Comments to “Top 12 project management interview questions and answers”

  1. ola eleshin says:

    Project Management interview video

  2. anna jany says:

    You should prepare project questions about work history, career goals, job
    description, interview questions to ask employer..

  3. wind micheal says:

    For me, best way is search employer information and project job specs.

  4. micky micheal says:

    Below are project job interview tips about Do’s and Don’ts for you:

    – Being unprepared for the interview – you should always prepare thoroughly
    before any interview (this will also make you feel more confident at the

    – Poor/limp handshake – always a bit of a no-no. Practice with a friend.

    – Saying unfavourable things about previous employers – the employer will
    be wondering what you will say about them when you leave their employment.

    – Being aggressive or acting in a superior way – nobody like this so don’t
    do it.

    – Making excuses for failings.

  5. micheal alex says:

    I think the best type of project job interview is behavioral interview. And
    best technique to answer them is Star method. You can ref: 440 behavioral
    interview questions

  6. tobias potter says:

    If you do project phone interview, I recommend you list of top 30 phone
    interview questions.

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